for thos who dont knw arabic;Saddams news in english

15 01 2007

Saddam Hussein

The first conspiracy theory is about his execution,well silly me ,it is all about his bloody execution

1.Muqtada Al-Sadr was one of his guards who put the noose around Saddam’s neck:

Oh yes it is like fire everywhere , some claim that Muqtada Al-Sadr was among the guards who put the noose around Saddam’s neck and their evidence are the pictures taken from the footage and some photos of Muqtada

Here you are :

  • The same nose from their point of view

  • The same ring from their point of view

There is things I have to say:

  1. Am I the only person who thinks that the footage wasn’t cleared and blurred enough to identify any of the faces of the guards who wear masks ??!!

  2. If I am not mistaken the Shiite clerics and leaders from religious background always wear a ring in that finger Hassen Naserallah and President Hatami of Iran for example ,in fact many of the men in the Arab world like to wear ring in that finger

  3. So what if he were Al-Sadr ,well after Saddam Hussein killed his uncle and aunt in the 1980s and his father in 1990 ,so I would understand very well if he himself slayed Saddam

Ok we finished from the conspiracy theory Saddam old and new admirers like to say to each other leaving the occupation and cursing Al-Sadr not because for what he is doing in genocides but for killing Saddam!!

Well we will go to the other side of the coin, to the opponents of Saddam and to the craziest conspiracy theory ever

2-Saddam Hussein wasn’t executed

Yes you read it right dear amigos , he wasn’t executed ,so who was the guy dangling from the hanging rope ??

A substitute

You may know that the late president had a dozen of Substitutes of his lookalike men who went to public appearance for his safety

And you can know those Substitute from their faces if you looked carefully to Saddam’s B/W and early colored photos you would know the difference

For example here his photo in black while he was a child

and here the real Saddam photo

and here are you with the substitutes photos

If you look closer to the that collection ,you will find differences compared to the above images from nose,eyes and chain , no one denies that Saddam was the man who invented the lookalike substitute game

Already that made idea doesn’t only adopt the denial of his execution but also deny his arresting by the Americans depending on the differences in the face of so -called arrested Saddam as they said and the real one

His chin is difference,by the way it is good remark ,if you look carefully to his chin as a child and also a man will find difference !!

of course you can’t see his chain of that man afterwards as he grew a bread so how can we be sure that this Saddam in the first !!??

By the way many people mainly from opponents didn’t believe that Saddam was really executed like Safinaz Kadim ,the famous Egyptian writer and some relatives who really surprised to his elegant appearance with the expensive coat he wore ,you see the public image of a man who is going to be hanged that he would be less elegant and So Saddam came wearing that coat ,it was an odd thing for some

You know it was strange for me that Saddam in his trial was very elegant ,regardless of his brother ,the man used  to put a handkerchief in his jacket pocket

Not to mention the cold behavior of his daughter ,of course some will say that she was acting that way in Jordan because he is a martyr !!!

Anyway that conspiracy doesn’t stop at Saddam Hussein only ,but also to his sons who were killed by the American troops from two years, the theory says also that they were n’t killed either just like father with the a look a likes

You see Uday Saddam also had a look-a-like who published a book about his experience as a substitute

The people who adopt this theory believe that Saddam Hussein would never be a hero nor his sons as they were American tools , so it is just another media game to make from them a symbol of resistance to create more hate and division in Iraq ,just like Osama Bin Laden.

 Of course no one will know the truth in such theory !!

From conspiracy theory to mythology

well we will leave the conspiracy theory to the Arabian legends of Arabian heroes and as Saddam became one thanks to the bad choice of date and media ,well we find that in the age of speed it didn’t take long time ,only few weeks and Saddam already became prince of believer and a Saint

Already some villages in Jordan and Iraq claim that they saw the face of Saddam Hussein on the moon !!

Yes they claimed that they saw his face on the moon !! It was like fire in forums !!

Here is the image they are talking about it


I don’t see a face , I see the same old moon holes !!!

I don’t know but it seemed to me the man became so popular after his execution in a crazy way ,he even became part of the Arabian methodology

By the way he is not the first Iraqi President his face appeared on the moon as also Abdel Karim Qassim appeared on the moon !!

Why only Iraqi president appear on the moon ?? I don’t know

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2 تعليقان

28 04 2007

saddam 3ala rasi we ras all da world allah yarhmak ya ashrf al regal

15 12 2007

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