thanks for the good news

15 01 2007

I was very happy that Barazan al tekriti was hanged, even happier than when Saddam was hanged because this trash(barazan) was even more a killer and a dectator thatn saddam himself,,,

If you watched the trails you’ll see that he was insulting the judje each minute and not obeying the rules and regulations of the trials,,,,he even spit on the judje once,

Many are saying that Saddam was the leader of arabs and he died shaheed,so why when they dug his grave again to give the body to his daughter,they could’t?the smell of his trash wass all over the place and there was a pig like image in his grave,as we muslims say,the shaheed grave will give a good smell.

so what do you think of saddam???was he good or bad




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